The menu of Mahnič Restaurant is based on the homestyle Mahnič beer, and so meat and beer specialities prevail, which go well with its brew. In addition to beer dishes, guests can choose among various traditional dishes from the Karst region, as well as other Slovenian cuisines.

APPETIZER: For appetizers we recommend the daily prepared steak tartar, and the cold beer meats with dry Karst meat products such as Karst ham, zašink (cured pork neck), and pancetta.

MAIN DISHES: Big groups mostly order dishes served on platters. They prefer this type of service the most, because the platters are very well garnished with various meats, which please even the hungriest guests, and there is something appealing for everyone.

The most recognisable among the platters is the Mahnič Platter, where you are served with eight pieces of meat (Wienerschnitzel, roast beef, turkey steak, etc.) prepared in various ways. The Beer Platter is also very popular, with pork knuckle or knuckle of veal, beer sausages, roast beef, spare ribs, and other meat dishes that go well with beer.

In addition to platter dishes, the restaurant’s menu also includes characteristic beer dishes such as beer sausages, beer goulash, baked chicken, and many other beer specialities as well as traditional dishes from the Karst region, prepared according to home recipes, such as jota (traditional Slovenian cabbage stew), Karst sauce with ham and teran (Karst wine), toč (dish made of teran and ham), žolca (trotters in aspic) on Easter holidays, etc.

DESSERT: Among the dessert selection, Slovenian traditional desserts prevail, which make the Slovenian culinary arts internationally recognisable. The most popular desserts are: apple strudel, gibanica (layered cake) and kremšnita (cream cake), which are prepared in a special way, according to the traditional recipes of the Mahnič Restaurant chefs. In addition to the indispensable and traditional Slovenian desserts, we have to mention the dessert which has a permanent place on the restaurant’s menu and goes down well in hot summer months as well as the winter season – roulade with ice cream and hot fruit dressing.




The special selection is especially adapted to the seasonal character of foods, which enables the variety of the permanent menu.

Among the most popular special selections are: young pork, lambkin and various dishes, prepared with fresh picked Brkini porcini (mushrooms), ramson (a type of garlic), asparagus, etc.

The culinary arts of Mahnič Restaurant, with their permanent menu and special selection, convince even the pickiest guests.


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