In 1997 husband and wife team Marija and Vojko Mahnič built the new premises for their restaurant, which included the first brewery in the Slovenian coastal region in the town of Kozina. This services upgrade came after running their original restaurant for six years in Kozina, and because of their desire to provide innovative and rich restaurant services.

They built the brewery with the purchase of beer production techniques and recipes of the Bavarian brewery Hochbräuhaus München (HBH) The technology and knowledge of this recognised Bavarian brewery ensured the high quality of the beer, and which was quickly recognised by beer lovers., which was and still is one of the most known Bavarian breweries today.




The production rooms for brewing beer are located in the lower level of the restaurant building on Kolodvorska ulica 4, Kozina. Above the production rooms is the restaurant, which enables direct pouring of freshly brewed beer to guests.




The products of the brewery are light and dark Mahnič beers, characterized as being home-style, cloudy beers, which means they are non-filtrated, non-pasteurized, and have no added preservatives. Most of the beer sold comes straight from the tap at Mahnič Restaurants (in Kozina and at the Škocjan Caves Park in Matavun); in addition we sell 5-litre barrels, as well as small (20 l) and big (50 l) barrels for your home (for the 20- and 50-litre barrels we also provide free pouring equipment).




Today, the purchase of Mahnič beer is possible at Mahnič Restaurant in Kozina, the Mahnič Restaurant at Škocjan Caves Park, and at the Bohinj Dairy sl. Bohinjska sirarna store at the Koseze Farmers’ Market in Ljubljana.


Pivovarna gostilna Mahnič d.o.o.

Kolodvorska 4, 6240 Kozina
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