The beer brewing process begins with the germination of barley seeds. The brewery purchases already germinated barley seeds, known as ‘barley malt.’ Then the barley malt is soaked in hot water, and this way, ’wort’ is created.The wort is boiled (brewed) and hops are added. After brewing, alcoholic fermentation is set off by adding yeast. After the wort ferments, it is decanted into containers, where the beer matures.

Hops, which are rather bitter, are added as a counterweight to the sweet barley. When most sugars convert into alcohol, the fermentation slows down, and the yeast starts to sink to the bottom of the container. The result of the fermentation is young beer, which cools to the temperature of -1 to 0°C, which speeds up the sinking of the yeast.

The beer then matures in the maturation containers, where maturation time and temperature are important for obtaining a desirable beer taste.

Mahnič beer is a home-style, cloudy beer, which is not filtrated or pasteurized, and has no acids or preservatives added. The beer is cold-filtrated (it filtrates by itself during the cooling process).

Mahnič beer reaches its optimum taste if you enjoy it when cooled to 2 - 4 degrees Celsius.




The brewery produces two sorts of beer – light and dark. With the light beer, four basic ingredients are used in the beer production process (barley malt, hops, yeast, and water), while in the production of dark beer, caramel malt is added to the basic ingredients.




With the development of the Mahnič Restaurant business, two Mahnič Restaurants have become well-known in the Inner Carniolia - Karst region, which are also the points of sale of Mahnič beer. In addition to the sales at the two restaurants, we sell beer at the Bohinj Dairy sl. Bohinjska sirarna store at the Koseze Farmers’ Market in Ljubljana.

This way, home-style beer lovers today have an option of purchasing Mahnič beer at three locations:

- Mahnič Restaurant in Kozina (Kolodvorska ulica 4)

- Mahnič Restaurant at Škocjan Caves Park (Matavun 12)

- Bohinj Dairy sl. Bohinjska sirarna store at the Koseze Farmers’ Market in Ljubljana.




BEER FROM THE TAP: The purchase of beer from the tap is possible at the restaurant units in Kozina and at the Škocjan Caves Park (Matavun), where beer is poured to guests from a 1,000-litre (in Kozina) or 50-litre beer barrel.

BARREL BEER: The purchase of barrel beer is possible in large (20 or 50 l) or small barrels (5 l) at all three points of sale (Kozina, Škocjan Caves Park in Matavun, and Bohinjska sirarna at the Koseze Farmers’ Market in Ljubljana), considering that prior reservations are necessary for the purchases, except for the 5-litre barrel, which is always available at the Kozina location.

At the purchase of barrel beer (20 or 50 l), we also carry out the installation of the beer pouring system (we lend the equipment free-of-charge).

PLASTIC BOTTLE BEER: The beer can also be purchased in a plastic bottle (1.5 l). We sell it at all three points of sale.


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